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Our Monthly Club Lunch Speakers Programme for 2023

19 January, Annual General Meeting

16 February, "Financial Investment and Inheritance Tax", Natasha Etherton

16 March, "Work of the Mission Aviation Fellowship", George Gorham

20 April, "The Road to Mandalay - Kipling's Burma", Adrian Moss*

18 May, "The Job of a Laughtime", Brad Ashton

15 June, "Kidnapping", Roger Cartwright*

20 July, "The Shetland Bus", Gilly Halcrow

17 August, "The Lines of Torres Vedras", Rod MacArthur*

21 September, "The History of Flight Simulation", Mike Collin*

19 October, "Carniverous Plants", Andy Cameron*

16 November, Special Lunch, "The Spitfire Ladies", Dr Richard Atkins

21 December, "Oh No it Isn't: A History of Pantomime", Pete Allen

*denotes Club Member

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