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About Senlis

Senlis is a town with a population of around 16,500 inhabitants in the French department of Oise in the region of Picardy, some 40 kilometers north of Paris. It was already known to the Romans who built round it a 17 metre-high defensive wall about half of which still exists. The town lies close to the famous Forest of Chantilly and this attracted the attention of the monarchs of the early French royal dynasties who took up residence here to enjoy the hunting opportunities. Many reminders of the medieval origins of the town can still be seen in the winding cobbled streets. The most notable of the town’s monuments is the cathedral, classed as a national monument of France, the building of which was begun in 1153 though it was not completed until 1519. Senlis is a popular tourist destination and lies in easy commutable distance from the French capital.